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Developing or buying a property is never an easy choice and with an oversaturated market to wade through we understand that many buyers out there can be overwhelmed by the extensive variety of choice at their disposal. At Thomas Edwards we aim to narrow down that all important decision to one definitive choice: us. So why choose Thomas Edwards?

For many hopeful buyers the driving force behind looking for a new home is the prospect of a fresh start and with a Thomas Edwards home, you’re presented with a blank canvas that’s awaiting your own touch of creative flair to truly define the property as your own.

Throughout any project we always welcome and encourage client input when it comes to specifications; be it that you want oak French doors or even a full comprehensive smart home package to further modernize your home to be compatible with a range of devices.

At Thomas Edwards we set ourselves apart from the competition by developing our properties in some of the most prominent, affluent areas in Glasgow that perfectly capture a desirable equilibrium between balancing a cosmopolitan lifestyle with the need for a private home life.

We take a number of variables into consideration when developing our properties, ensuring that vital features such as local schools, recreational facilities and parks are all within relative walking distance - giving you not only a fantastic property, but one in a prime location with excellent market value.

As a progressive developer here at Thomas Edwards we aim to exceed modernization standards by presenting our homes with a host of energy efficient customisation options such as Triple A double glazing, solar panelling and comprehensive energy management systems such as NEST.

We believe that such components are vital building blocks towards the consolidation of managing your home’s energy usage better, mitigating wasted energy to a minimum and thus reducing your energy bill to more amicable parameters.

Buying second hand may be the cost effective option now, but did you know that over time it’s predicted that the average second hand home owner will spend over £20,000 in renovations? At Thomas Edwards we’re in it for longevity. Purchasing one of our luxurious homes is not only an investment now, but an investment in you and your family’s future for many years to come.

All Thomas Edwards properties come with a 10 year warranty guarantee and to further enhance that guarantee we provide an excellent aftercare service to ensure you and your new home are running as seamlessly as possible.

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